Flow of Fantasy

Flow of Ultrafair Fantasy

This section is aimed to give you greater knowledge and understanding of how to use the Ultrafair Fantasy App. The Ultrafair Fantasy App will be available on iOS and Android, as well as being accessible via Webapp.

Step 1) Users will need to sign in or register an Ultrafair Fantasy Account. Users can choose to sign in via email or their mobile number.

Step 2) Users will then need to verify their details by inputting their OTP (one time pin).

Step 3) Once players are signed in, they will then be shown the Home Screen of the App which consists of the upcoming matches & leagues.

Note: The home page will be automatically be defaulted to Cricket. If you wish to play Fantasy Football or Rugby, ensure to click on the relevant sports icon at the top of the page.

Step 4) Players can then decide to enter into Daily, Seasonal Fun or Seasonal Pro competitions

Note: Daily contests are Fantasy Competitions of the match on the day, whereas Seasonal contests are Fantasy Competitions of the entire seasonal league.

Step 5) After choosing your preferred Fantasy Competition, users can join one of the available contests.

Step 6) If you have decided to join a contest, you will simply need to click on the contest, create your own Fantasy team, choose your Captain & Vice-Captain, apply your desired boosters, and enter into the contest by clicking the "Join Contest" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 7) Thereafter the actual match or league, players in your Fantasy team will receive points based on how well your team played. In certain Fantasy competitions, users can win prizes based on their rankings.

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