System Failure

1. System Failures

Ultrafair Limited ("UF", “we,” “us,” or “our”) will take all necessary steps to fix, in the shortest time possible, any system failures or errors occurring during the game (failure of normal operation of the game logics). We are not responsible for any failure of information technology software and hardware, caused by the equipment used by you or other players for the purpose to access the Website, as well as failures of Internet service providers.

2. Errors in Software

2.1. When using the services of the Website certain circumstances may occur where the points allocated to the player or the players' team happened as an error from UF’s side. In these circumstances UF is entitled to cancel or to limit or amend the points allocated to the player or the players' team.

2.2. Using funds that have been incorrectly deposited into your Player Account by UF to enter a contest or partake in services offered by UF will result in the forfeiting of such funds and any contest prizes. If such prizes are claimed before UF can act to reclaim them, you are considered to be holding these prizes on trust and are expected to return when UF makes such a request.

2.3. UF as well as Our agents, employees, partners and suppliers are not responsible for any loss or damages as well as loss of prizes that occurred from your or Our error.

2.4. Distributors, licensees of UF as well as UF itself and its subsidiaries and affiliates including all employees and managers are not liable for any damages or loss incurred by the user due to the incorrect use of information transmitted via the Internet or caused by the interception of this information.

3. Limitation of UF’s Liability

3.1. You agree with the fact that you use the Website services at your sole discretion and at your own risk, and therefore you are entirely responsible for the use of the Website services.

3.2. The Website is operated according to these Terms of Use. We do not provide any guarantees, additional statements regarding the Website and/or the provided services, and hereby exclude any liability under the relevant laws and any implied warranties.

3.3. We are not responsible for breach of laws, contracts, negligence or any occurred loss or damages, including the loss of data, revenue, damage to reputation, prestige and any losses that are currently impossible to be foreseen. UF cannot be responsible for the content on any website which can be accessed through the Website.

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