Ultrafair Fantasy Shop

Ultrafair Fantasy Shop

Welcome to the Ultrafair Fantasy Shop, the premier destination for all your fantasy sports needs. Our shop is meticulously designed to offer you a comprehensive array of options to personalise and elevate your gaming experience.

Our shop offers a diverse range of game-changing features, including Boosters curated to give you a strategic advantage to optimise your fantasy teams, Debuffs to bring an elevated element of fun, and even Tokenised Memorabilia (Social NFTs, Donation NFTs, Ticket NFTs) and more. The Ultrafair Fantasy Shop will also include a Social & Premium subscription fee for its users whereby they can receive exclusive in-app features such as notifications, discounts and more.

At Ultrafair, we are committed to continuous improvement. As we grow and evolve, we have ambitious plans to integrate additional features that will further enrich your fantasy sports journey.

With the Ultrafair Fantasy Shop, our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and engrossing platform that caters to every aspect of your sports fandom. Join us as we redefine what it means to be a fan and an active participant in the game.

Note: The Ultrafair Fantasy Store is currently in development and will be released in a later version of the Fantasy App. Stay tuned for a host of exciting updates coming your way.

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