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Ultrafair Fantasy Sports App

Bring friends, colleagues and even strangers together and compete in free-to-play Fantasy Competitions of the worlds biggest sports!

The Ultrafair Fantasy Sports App will consist of a wide variety of sports, teams and players to compete with in Daily, Seasonal Fun or Seasonal Pro competitions to win prizes & bonuses based on players’ rankings. Ultrafair wants to offer a user-friendly yet competitive experience in many of the world's greatest sports, be that; Cricket, Football and Rugby upon launch, with others coming including Golf, Motorsports, Tennis, eSports & more!

The Ultrafair Fantasy Sports Application will be available on iOS, Android and Web!

How it works

In its simplest form, the Ultrafair Fantasy Sports product allows for users to create their own virtual Fantasy teams by selecting real-life players from professional sports leagues. Users can then join free-to-play contests ranging from small, private contests among friends to large, public contests with thousands of participants. The Ultrafair Fantasy Sports app will support both Daily & Seasonal competitions allowing users to participate in sports matches on the day, as well as entire seasonal leagues. After creating a team, users can then choose their Captain (C) & Vice Captain (VC), where their Captain will earn 2x the points for the match, and their Vice Captain will earn 1.5x the points. Thereafter creating your team from the provided lists, users can choose to apply Boosters to their team giving them an advantage for the match, or alternatively apply Debuffs to other teams to create havoc among rivals. For certain competitions, Ultrafair will be giving away Cash Prizes, Crypto Prizes, Appliances, Tokenised Rewards and more for competition winners based on user rankings.

Daily & Seasonal Contests

The Ultrafair Fantasy Sports application will support both Daily and Seasonal contests:

Daily contests are Fantasy competitions based on the available matches during that day. That is, users can join contests for a specific match on a day (eg. Man United vs Man City). After joining the contest, users will then need to select players from either teams thus creating their own Fantasy Team (max of 7 players from each team). On the other hand, Seasonal Fun & Seasonal Pro contests are Fantasy competitions based on an entire seasonal league. At the beginning of the season (eg. English Premier League) players can join a contest and create a team from all players within the league. The difference between Fun & Pro competitions is the amount of transfers allowed throughout the season.

Fantasy Sports Prizes

Users of the Ultrafair Fantasy Application have the opportunity to win a range of amazing prizes based on their rankings within Fantasy Competitions. These prizes range anywhere from Gaming Consoles, Cash rewards & Crypto prizes, to Vouchers & Appliances - the possibilities are endless.

Note: Ultrafair Prizes will be distributed to users at the sole discretion of the team. UItrafair will announce on all social platforms when prizes are up for grabs.

Fantasy Sports & Leagues Available

Ultrafair will be launching with Cricket & Football Fantasy during its first month with many more sports & leagues to follow:

  • Cricket Fantasy

The Ultrafair Fantasy Sports App will cover many of the worlds most viewed cricket leagues which include International Competitions (Men's & Woman's International Competition), ICC's (ICC T20I World Cup, ICC ODI World Cup) as well as many of the T20 & Domestic First Class leagues (Indian Premier League, Big Bash League and more)

  • Football Fantasy

The Ultrafair Fantasy Sports App will cover many of the worlds most viewed football leagues which include English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, MLS, European cups, and more!

  • Rugby Fantasy

The Ultrafair Fantasy Sports App will cover many of the worlds most viewed Rugby Union competitions which include World Cups, Super Rugby, Currie Cup, and a lot more!

Fantasy Sports Coming

Following Fantasy Cricket & Football, the Ultrafair Fantasy Sports App will also include:

  • Golf (PGA, LIV, +)

  • Motor Sports Fantasy (F1, International Motor Cross Sports Leagues, +)

  • Basketball Fantasy (NBA, International Basketball Sports Leagues, +)

  • Esports Fantasy (CSGO, DOTA, LOL, Valorant +)

  • And more!

Ultrafair Fantasy Fees

The Ultrafair Fantasy Sports App will be entirely Free-To-Play.

Ultrafair Fantasy Bonuses

At a later update of the Ultrafair Fantasy App, Ultrafair will also be rewarding players in tokenised rewards and tokenised collectibles, in addition to the other prizes that users can win based on their rankings within contests.

Ultrafair bonuses will be distributed to winners and players at the sole discretion of the Ultrafair team.

Note: More updates on Ultrafair bonuses will be shared in future.

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