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Fan Apps:

Ultrafair provides a comprehensive solution designed to empower Sports Clubs, Teams and even Charities with a cutting-edge platform to connect, engage, and enhance their supporters experience, while creating additional revenue streams that can be reinvested back into the club. This all-in-one app seamlessly integrates various features, including a Fantasy Sports solution, Fan Shops, Tokenisation Modules, and more, to create a vibrant ecosystem that enhances the relationship between clubs and their loyal supporters.

As an Ultrafair Fantasy client, you would receive:

  • A branded Fan Engagement App for iOS, Android and Web

  • A Fantasy Sports Solution incorporated within the Fan App (with the option of multiple or a singular sport)

  • A Fan Shop to purchase in-game items such as Boosters, Debuffs, Tokenised instruments & more

  • A full admin portal to access and manage your Fantasy App's underlying activity including contest creation, admin management, sports management and more.

  • An institutional grade Custody solution to securely store your platforms' digital assets (optional)

  • A veToken Framework with token minting, locking and boosting functionalities for revenue distribution (optional)

  • And more!

At the heart of the Fan Engagement App is the Fantasy Sports solution, offering fans an extensive and competitive experience. From Daily to Seasonal competitions, fans can create their dream teams, compete against friends and fellow enthusiasts, and showcase their strategic skills in real-time. The app's user-friendly interface and real-time updates make it a go-to destination for Sports & Gaming enthusiasts worldwide – providing an engaging and interactive platform to fuel their passion.

In addition to Fantasy Sports, these Fan Engagement Apps feature Fan Shops where its user-base can access exclusive items such as Fantasy Boosters, Merchandise, Tokenised Memorabilia, Match Tickets, and more. By offering a convenient and secure shopping experience, clubs can further strengthen their brand presence and generate additional revenue streams.

Moreover, the Tokenisation Modules within the app allow clubs to leverage web3 technology and issue their own Fan tokens, NFTs, and more. These modules serve as a means to provide additional revenue streams, granting exclusive access to club-related perks, rewards, and experiences. By tokenising instruments such as season tickets, club memberships, and VIP experiences, clubs can create a unique ecosystem where fans feel truly valued and rewarded for their support.

The inclusion of an NFT Marketplace takes fan engagement to the next level. Fans can buy and sell NFTs associated with their favourite clubs, including digital collectibles, limited-edition items, and unique experiences. This not only creates a thriving secondary market where its fees add an additional form of revenue, but also enables fans to showcase their dedication and ownership of rare and valuable club-related assets.

The Ultrafair Fan Engagement Offering revolutionises the way sports clubs connect with their fans, offering a dynamic and interactive platform that amplifies fan loyalty, drives revenue, and nurtures a sense of community. Through this innovative solution, clubs can harness the power of technology to deepen fan engagement, foster lasting relationships, and propel their brand to new heights.

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