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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Ultrafair Enterprise enables game providers to integrate NFTs into their gaming experiences, offering a unique method of ownership and value transfer for digital assets. By incorporating NFTs, game providers can unlock new revenue streams, enhance the overall user experience, and enable players to own, trade, and sell digital assets.


Ultrafair Enterprise assists game providers in integrating lootboxes into their offerings in a secure and fair manner. By leveraging cryptographic algorithms and blockchain technology, Ultrafair ensures that lootboxes provide a transparent and provably fair mechanism for randomised in-game rewards. This enhances player engagement and offers new revenue opportunities.

Institutional Grade Custody

Security and compliance are critical in the digital asset landscape, and Ultrafair Enterprise addresses these concerns by providing institutional-grade custody services. By utilising multi-signature wallets, cold storage solutions, account abstraction and advanced encryption techniques, Ultrafair safeguards both game providers and their players, ensuring the secure handling of digital assets.

EVM Compatible Private/Permissioned Blockchains

Ultrafair Enterprise offers game providers the ability to create their own Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible private and permissioned blockchains. This enables companies to mint their own NFTs, digital assets, and utility tokens, enriching the gaming experience and providing unique rewards for players. Ultrafair's private blockchain solutions ensure secure, transparent, and efficient transactions within the gaming ecosystem.

Tokenised Game Services

Tokenisation has the potential to revolutionise the gaming industry by creating new opportunities for investment and revenue generation. Ultrafair Enterprise's tokenised game services allow game providers to tokenise their games or game revenue, enabling players to participate in the success of their favourite games and offering an additional layer of engagement. By utilising smart contracts and blockchain technology, tokenisation provides a transparent and secure mechanism for revenue sharing and investment.

Tokenised Player Rewards

Ultrafair Enterprise enables game providers to offer tokenised player rewards, creating a unique incentive structure that drives player engagement and loyalty. By incorporating tokenised rewards, game providers can enhance the gaming experience while allowing players to earn digital assets, which can be traded or used within the game ecosystem.

Web3 Gaming Solutions

Web3 Gaming Solutions Ultrafair, with its gaming partners, aims to disrupt the gaming industry by providing you infrastructure to support the power of a fully licensed, regulated and branded gaming solution. Ultrafair's advantage lies in our unparalleled understanding of gaming, technology & regulation, to not only build out your Gaming Solution, but to also attend to features such as; licensing, corporate setups, secure custody solutions, player account management, remote gaming systems, and even a veToken framework for revenue distribution!

Custom NFTs

Ultrafair Enterprise helps game providers create and implement custom NFTs, such as social badges, ownership NFTs, and revenue-sharing NFTs. By leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, these unique digital assets can foster a strong community around the game, drive player engagement, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Ultrafair Enterprise is revolutionising the gaming industry by providing game providers with a comprehensive suite of Web3 solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with a strong focus on security and compliance. By partnering with Ultrafair Enterprise, game providers can confidently explore the world of Web3 gaming and deliver innovative, engaging, and secure gaming experiences to their users.

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